CUSAS 20 115

LineText originalText translated
o. 111.2.0 še-ĝeš-i3[glossary=še-ĝeš-i3] gur11.2.0 gur (= 2760 sila/litres) of sesame seeds
o. 2 mu-ne2
o. 3 an-na-šum2

This is the largest delivery of sesame seeds known from the Middle Sargonic archive from the governor’s palace in Adab. Muni was a key administrator of its Storehouse (Molina 2014: 34).


  • Molina 2014 = Molina, Manuel (2014): Sargonic Cuneiform Tablets in the Real Academia de la Historia. The Carl L. Lippmann Collection. Madrid: La Imprenta.