Academic staff in Munich

Paola Paoletti ORCID
Veronika Gacia ORCID

Academic staff in Paris

Anne-Isabelle Langlois
Manon Ramez
Juliette Mas ORCID

Two teams cooperate in this project combining their expertise in administrative cuneiform documents and their interest in technologies and the socio-economic history of Bronze Age Western Asia:

  • The German team of LMU Munich (Walther Sallaberger, Paola Paoletti): Early Bronze Age (3000-2000 BCE), Sumerian and Akkadian sources from Mesopotamia and Ebla
  • The French team of EHESS Paris (Grégory Chambon, Manon Ramez, Anne-Isabelle Langlois): Middle Bronze Age (2000-1600 BCE), Akkadian sources from Mesopotamia and Syria

The archaeological study on oil vessels by Juliette Mas (EHESS Paris) and the organic residue analysis of some ceramics from Uruk by Maxime Rageot are not part of this Digital Data Collection.

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